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The following is the next trivia question along with the prior question’s answer, history, and the winner information!!

Hello Buckley friends,

The following is the next trivia question along with the prior question’s answer, history, and the winner information!!


Question 22:  

In 1876, the first John Deere trademark was a deer jumping over what?

The fifth person to email the correct answer to [email protected] along with their name and place of residence will win a fun Buckley prize.



Previous Question:

Question 21: 

What was the first communist-made car to be sold in the USA?

Answer:  The Skoda Felicia


History: If you think that the Yugo was the first communist made car ever to be sold in the USA, think again.

Back in 1959, Czechoslovakian Skoda offered its compact Felicia model to U.S. buyers. For the late 1950s, it was very brave for a communist company to try to sell anything in America, but Skoda was brave enough to try.

The Felicia was an attractive, solid and competent car by European standards but tiny & under-powered by American standards. With almost no dealer network, high price due to export fees, and no marketing, the Felicia was doomed right from the start.

We did not receive a correct answer to the April 2019 Buckley trivia contest question; therefore, there is no winner.  FIRST TIME EVER!!




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