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Question 41:

Gas engines were an important labor-saving machine on the farm from the 1900s through the 1930s. Hundreds of companies made engines with many designs & horsepower ratings. Companies came up with many clever trade names. One of the trade names below is not a real engine name. Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. Three Mile Team

  2. Farmers Friend

  3. Haf-a-Hors

  4. Jack of all trades

  5. Goes like Sixty

  6. Tom Thumb

  7. Kansas City Lightning

  8. Power-All

  9. KracKerJack

The 3rd person to email the correct answers to [email protected]org along with their name and place of residence will win a fun Buckley prize.

Question 40: 

How did the Ford Model T car get the nickname “Tin Lizzie”?

  1. Named after Henry Ford’s dogs “Tin Lizzie”

  2. It was made from recycled tin cans

  3. The nickname came from a Ford Model T race car

  4. It was named after a Ford Motor Company assembly line worker Elizabeth Tinbble

Answer: 3. The nickname came from a Ford Model T race car

History: The Model T Ford was the most influential car of the 20th century. It was priced so that the average American could afford it. The Model T was manufactured from 1908 to 1927 with over 15 million sold. The Ford Model T held the record as the best-selling car in the world until the Volkswagen Beetle beat that record in 1972.

How did the model T Ford get the nickname “Tin Lizzie”? In 1922, a championship race was held in Pikes Peak, Colorado. Entered as one of the contestants was Noel Bullock and his Ford Model T named “Old Liz”. Since Old Liz looked the worse for wear, as it was unpainted and had no hood, many race spectators compared Old Liz to an old tin can. By the start of the race, the car had the new nickname of “Tin Lizzie”. To everyone’s surprise, Tin Lizzie won the race. Having beaten even the most expensive cars at the race, Tin Lizzie proved both the durability and speed of the Model T.

Tin Lizzie’s surprise win was reported in newspapers across the county, leading to the use of the nickname “Tin Lizzie” for all Model T Ford cars. The Model T had other nicknames – “Leaping Lena” and “Flivver” – but it was the Tin Lizzie moniker that stuck.


1922 Ford model T touring car.


The Pikes Peak International Hill climb race is still held today. 1916 to current, 104 years.

This month’s trivia question was inspired by Jess Howe.

Congratulations to Shirley  Booms, Lake City MI who won a 2021 Buckley Calendar for being the 11th person to correctly answer the January 2021 Buckley trivia contest question.


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