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We did not receive any correct answers to the March 2021 trivia contest.  Let’s see how you do in May!!

Question 42:

Who built the first gas-electric hybrid automobile?

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Question 41:

Gas engines were an important labor-saving machine on the farm from the 1900s through the 1930s. Hundreds of companies made engines with many designs & horsepower ratings. Companies came up with many clever trade names. One of the trade names below is not a real engine name. Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. Three Mile Team
  2. Farmers Friend
  3. Haf-a-Hors
  4. Jack of all trades
  5. Goes like Sixty
  6. Tom Thumb
  7. Kansas City Lightning
  8. Power-All
  9. KracKerJack

Answer: 8 – Power-All

History: Gas engines were an important labor-saving machine on the farm. They were used to power everything from corn sellers, buzz saws, cream separators, washing machines, Feed choppers, water pumps among many other uses.

Mar-2021 1.jpeg

1 – The Three Mule Team was manufactured by Associated Manufacturers Co of Waterloo, Iowa. It was a 3 hp engine and was introduced in 1914.

Mar-2021 2.jpeg

2 – The Badger “Farmer’s Friend “ gas engines were built in 3, 5, 6, and 8 horsepower sizes starting in 1909, made by the Christensen Engineering Company Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mar-2021 3.jpeg

3 – Variously known as the Little King, Little Pet, or the Haf-a-Hors engine, this little engine was introduced in 1920. It featured an inverted cylinder, built-in Spark coil, and foot pedal starter. Made by the Elgin Wheel & Engine Company of Elgin, Illinois. Despite the great number of Elgin engines produced, relatively few exist today.

Mar-2021 4.jpeg

4 – Made by one of the largest gas engine manufacturers, Fairbanks, Morse & Company of Beloit, Wisconsin. They made Jack of all Trade engines from 1895 to 1906


Mar-2021 5.jpeg

5 – Gilson Manufacturing Company of Port Washington, Wisconsin was enamored with “Sixty“ in promoting their engine line. This 1 1/2 hp air-cooled model carried the slogan “Goes like Sixty – Sells like Sixty – Sells for Sixty. This style was advertised as early as 1906.

Mar-2021 6.jpeg

6 – Built from 1907 to 1916 by International Harvester, the Tom Thumb air-cooled engine was a handy farm helped.

7 – The Kansas City Lightning line of gas engines was introduced in 1901 by the Kansas City Hay Press Company of Kansas City, Missouri.

9 – Smyth-Despard Company of Utica, New York was a large supply house for mechanical and plumbing supplies. Their 1925 catalog listed the KracKerJack line of gas engines. The engines were actually manufactured by Nelson Brother Company of Saginaw, Michigan, and rebadged as KracKerJack engines.

Better luck in May!!

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