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Question 32:  

Who said:

“I felt perfectly certain that horses, considering all the bother of attending them and the expense of feeding, did not earn their keep. The obvious thing to do was to design and build a steam engine that would be light enough to run an ordinary wagon or pull a plow.”

A) Winston Churchill

B) Jerome Increase Case

C) Henry Ford

D) John Deere

E) Mr. Rogers

F) Joseph Huber

The eighth person to email the correct answers to [email protected]org along with their name and place of residence will win a fun Buckley prize.


Previous Question:

Question 31:

Questions: What tractor make & model had the longest production run?

Answer:  The John Deere Model D had a 30-year production run.

History: The John Deere Model D was in production for 30 years. Production started on March 1, 1923, and ended on July 3, 1953.

The Model D was a standard tread tractor with what would become John Deere’s famous two-cylinder engine producing 15-27 HP in 1923 and increasing in horsepower over the years to 38.2 HP at the drawbar & 42.05 on the belt. The model D got many improvements and styling changes over the years

The John Deere Model D started life with a spoked flywheel.
In 1927 Deere switched to a solid flywheel.
In 1939 the John Deere Model D received a facelift and became what we call today as a styled John Deere tractor.

Honorable mention – If your answer was the Farmall Cub, please note that the Cub went through three name changes.

The original Farmall Cub was manufactured from 1947 to 1964, then it had a name change becoming the International Cub and was manufactured from 1964 until 1975, then finally the New International Cub was manufactured from 1975 to 1979

Congratulations to Dave Titzer of Chandler, Illinois.  Dave won a 2020 Buckley calendar for being the third person to correctly answer the February 2020 Buckley trivia contest question.


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