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Question 34:  

Who invented the magneto and in what year?

The first person to email the correct answers to [email protected]org along with their name and place of residence will win a fun Buckley prize.



Previous Question:

Question 33: 

 What year and on what make of automobile has the first electric headlamps (headlights) available?

Answer:  1898 Columbia Electric Car

History: The first electric headlamps (headlights) were introduced in 1898 on the Columbia Electric Car made by the Electric Vehicle Company of Hartford Connecticut. They were an optional accessory. The earliest headlamps were fueled by acetylene or oil and were prominent in the 1880s & early 1900s. Acetylene lamps were popular because the flame was resistant to wind & rain. In 1908, the Peerless Motor Company was the first car company to make electric headlamps standard.

Congratulations to Pete Hall of Traverse City, MI.  Pete won a 2020 Buckley calendar for being the sixth person to correctly answer the April 2020 Buckley trivia contest question. 


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