Flea Market

The Flea Market is calling and I MUST GO!

At the Buckley Old Engine Show, our flea market is truly one of a kind as we accept more than the normal flea market finds. Of course you will find all kinds of antiques and wonderful rusty junk, but we also have crafters from all different trades, local businesses, collectors of all types, and many specialty items that are available at our show!

Our flea market has grown back to 400 lots like we had so many years ago! Each lot is 20 feet by 20 feet and is $100 for the four day show. A person can rent as many lots as they need, as long as they are being used to sell merchandise or show a product. Established vendors have a right to reserve their lots from the previous flea market year by signing a contract and paying for their lots in full by May 15th of the show year. The remaining lots are then open to new vendors or those wishing to expand their space.

As we opened more lots this year, we have space to allow many new vendors to join our flea market family for the 2022 show!  Everything in this show is first come first serve, so the earlier you reserve a space the better.   This year we are also allowing our flea market vendors to reserve a camping space anywhere in our camping area to the west of the flea market as long as it is not marked off by another camper for $20.

We are a family run show and our club reserves the right to accept or reject any merchandise or promotion. Thank you for your interest in our show!
If you have any questions please contact the Flea Market Committee Head, Alexandria Yonkman, by phone or email.
We look forward to seeing you at the 55th  Annual Buckley Old Engine Show, always the 3rd weekend in August.


Some frequently asked questions and answers are as follows:

  1. Is there electricity available? There is no electric available, but you are allowed to run a generator from 6am to 10:30pm
  2. How many show passes come with each lot? 2 bands come with each lot for workers
  3. What comes on the lot? The lot is simply a marked out 20ft by 20ft space.  You will need to bring your own tent, tables, set up, etc.
  4. When can you begin setting up? We are open the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before the show at 9AM-5PM for check in and then you can begin setting up! There will be no additional check ins outside of these hours!
  5. How do we get large items out of the flea market? If any large item is sold, you can call Alex at the flea market and we will come to the lot to pick it up and bring it to the office.  The customer will then get directions to pick it up after they are finished shopping.
  6. How do we restock if needed during the show? You can drive in the flea market for restocking before 9am and after 7pm. If something is needed in between those times it will either have to be walked to the lot, or in some special instances we can help shuttle you with the products in our flea market approved vehicle.
  7. What are the flea market hours? Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the hours are 9am-7pm; Sunday they are 9am-3pm.


Flea Market Committee Head
Alexandria Yonkman
PH: (231)920-4919
EMAIL: [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE:   All new vendors  MUST contact Alexandria Yonkman (using the contact info above) for vendor approval and before mailing in the contract and payment.


2023 Flea Market Contract

Please click this link to download and read the Flea Market Lot Rules.

Please click this link for a map of the flea market and grounds.

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