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Hello Buckley friends,

To help celebrate The Buckley Old Engine Show’s 50th Anniversary we thought it would be fun to play a game. So, we are going to have an online trivia contest.  The first person to email the correct answer to [email protected] will win a fun Buckley prize.  Please note the contest rules below!

The questions will be tractor and engine history questions. The contest is open to everyone. There will be a new question approximately every two weeks.  So remember to check back!!

Second Trivia Question, July 10th, 2017:

What two companies merged in 1925 to form the Caterpillar Tractor Company?


Winner of the First Buckley trivia contest question is:    Marcy Jones of Dorr, Michigan.

Marcy wins a Buckley 50th Anniversary t-shirt for being the first  one to correctly answer the question:

What was the first production tractor to feature a 3-point hitch?

Answer: Ferguson-Brown model A


History of the Ferguson-Brown model A

The first production tractor to come with a 3-point hitch was the 1936 Ferguson-Brown model A. The Ferguson-Brown Company was a British agricultural machinery company formed by Harry Ferguson in partnership with David Brown Ltd. The Ferguson-Brown model A tractor was made from 1936 to 1939 with only 1,356 being produced.

In 1938, Harry Ferguson took a Ferguson-Brown tractor to America complete with a range of 3-point implements. Harry demonstrated the tractor with his 3-point hitch system to Henry Ford. Henry was so impressed that he and Harry Ferguson sealed a deal with a handshake. The outcome of this agreement was the famous Ford-Ferguson model 9N tractor.


First Trivia Question, June 17th 2017:   What was the first production tractor to feature a 3-point hitch?  Winner was Marcy Jones of Dorr, MI.

***Trivia contest rules***

The first person to email the correct answer, along with  their name, city, and state of residence to [email protected] will win a fun Buckley prize such as a Buckley t-shirt, coffee mug, or other Buckley related goodies. The prizes will be randomly selected, and will be announced with the posting of the winner.

There will be a new trivia question approximately every two weeks. At the end of each contest, the winner’s name, city, and state of residence will be posted on the Buckley website along with the correct answer. The winner will receive an email notification of their win.  A person can only win once per year.  Only one guess per person per contest.

Winners will pick up their prizes at the 2017 show (August 17-20, 2017) at the Tractor Shack. If you cannot attend the show your prize will be mailed to you after the 2017 show.

By entering the trivia contest you are agreeing to receive Buckley’s e-newsletter and to having your name and city and state of residence posted on the website if you are a contest winner.



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